The Ultimate Prague, Czech Republic Guide

View from Charles Bridge at Sunset

From cobblestone streets to bridges as far as the eyes can see, Prague is definitely one dreamy destination. The experience of exploring this beautiful city is just like stepping back in time, into an old storybook that is full of colours, rich history and a hint of romance.

If that wasn’t enough, Prague even has an unlimited supply of picturesque orange topped roofs, quaint medieval houses, impressive castles and cathedrals, and incredibly kind locals in its corner. As I write this blogpost for you, I cannot help but remember the imprint its incredible charm has left on my heart.  

It is no shocker that Prague is one of my favourite cities in the world. It is also one of the cheaper countries in Europe with an amazing nightlife. So, grab a cup of coffee and let me take you on an unforgettable ride that Prague is. This ultimate Prague guide will tell you everything about accommodations, must see spots, restaurants and all the necessary information you might need for your trip there.

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Some Useful Info before your Trip:
Currency: Czech Koruna (a few shops & taxis accept Euros too).
Visa Requirements: Schengen Visa
Language: Czech but English is very well understood as well.

How many days are enough?

I have been to Prague twice till now but still have so much that I haven’t discovered. I visited it for 3 nights during both my trips and think that it is actually a good amount of time to explore the city.

Best time to visit Prague?

I have been to Prague during both Spring and Winter. I usually like to avoid summer in popular places only because of how crowded they can get. Having said that, I think the best time to visit Prague is Spring– when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, days are longer, accommodations are cheaper and streets much quieter.

If you can, try to visit Prague during Christmas time too! I have heard many wonderful stories about its magical Christmas markets.

A street of colourful houses in Prague

How to Get Around?

The trams in Prague are super easy to get a hold of. Along with them being pocket friendly, they are well spread out and are always on time (at least when I was there). Google Maps can provide an accurate information about their schedule and that is how I loved exploring Prague! 

Getting around on foot is always the best way to see a city and Prague is no exception to that. I would usually take the tram to get from a specific area to another, and then explore all its corners on foot. Nonetheless, I found that taxis in Prague are fairly reasonable too.

Where to stay in Prague?

Prague is a city that is divided into many zones and from my experience, I felt that staying in Praha 1 or 2 is the ideal choice. Most of the must-see places are located within that area, which makes it perfect to amble around.

I have stayed at Sheraton Prague Charles Square (now changed to Radisson Blu Hotel) during my first trip to Prague in 2016 and later stayed at Park Inn Hotel during my trip last year! 

I absolutely loved Sheraton for its amazing food, friendly staff, location and beautiful rooms. Park Inn impressed me equally with its breakfast spread, comfortable beds and accessibility to the tram and Vltava River. 

Where to eat in Prague?

Being a vegetarian is never hassle free in a foreign country but Prague really made it easy. These are some of the spots that I personally loved and think you would too:

Agave: My favourite Mexican place in Prague. It is super close to Old Town Square and has the best nachos and dips.

Aureole: Absolutely loved it for the view and atmosphere. It is a fine dining place with tons of vegetarian sushi (Hello, Avocado Nigiri). Tip: It’s a bit far from the city centre so head there for dinner rather than lunch (if you plan to see the city in the day)!

Como: Located in Wenceslas square, Como is great for a much needed exploring break. It’s a bit pricey but the food is worth it.

K the two brothers: Amazing Indian restaurant that is a little away from the city centre but so worth the distance.

Maitrea: An amazing vegetarian restaurant that is only 2 mins away from the Old Town Square. From traditional Czech dishes to some Asian ones, this restaurant is a must visit for vegans and vegetarians alike!

Terasa U Prince: Insta famous rooftop for the perfect view of Old Town square. 

Zebra Asian noodle bar: Close to old town square, this noodle bar will keep your Asian taste buds very happy.

View from Prague Castle

Best places to see?

Charles Bridge

The Charles bridge is my favourite place in Prague. I have been there during all times of the day and loved it the most during sunrise and sunset. If you want to experience a breath-taking sunset, then climb the many stairs of the tower located on either end of the bridge and get awarded by the best view.

Bird's eye view of Charles Bridge
Charles bridge captured from the top of the tower

Prague Castle

It was only after my visit there that I found that this is actually the largest castle complex in the world. How awesome is that? There is just so much to see inside that I feel you need to keep at least 2 hours aside for it. 

My favourite historic buildings were St. Vitus Cathedral and Golden Lane. Tip: There are multiple ticket combinations so pay only for what you are interested in seeing.

View from Prague Castle
Bird’s eye view of Prague from the Prague Castle
Prague Castle, front view
Front entrance of the Prague Castle

Dancing House

I came across this while walking from my hotel to Charles Bridge during my trip last year and just loved how unique this building looked. 

Dancing House, must see building in my Prague guide

Letna Park

One of the best places to have a walk and relax in Prague. Letna Park offers stunning views over the Vltava River and its many bridges. 

Old Town Square

It is one of the liveliest squares that I have ever come across. Make sure to visit the top of Astronomical clock to get a bird eye’s view of the square. Also, don’t forget to admire the beauty of Church of Our Lady before Tyn.

Old Town Square from above

John Lennon Wall

This colourful wall is filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti and lyrics of the Beatles’ song- I personally loved watching the live musicians perform there

Kampa Island

A lovely area located slightly away from the hustle and bustle of many tourists. I loved finding a seat in the park to take in the amazing views of the Vltava River, Charles Bridge and the city.

Kampa Island

Experiences in Prague

Segway Tours, Vintage Car Rides and Cruises on Vltava River are some of the wonderful experiences one can take part in. My mother really wanted to go on a Vintage Car Ride across Prague so that’s what I personally went for. Tip: Don’t forget to negotiate the price!

Shopping in Prague

If you are anything like me, then you must love collecting magnets too! I tend to get a new magnet from every country I visit to remind myself of a special time there. 

Usually the souvenirs are marked way above their actual price near the touristic hotspots so I will share with you my secret: the address of Havel’s market (google maps location here) that sells the same stuff for almost half the price!

Paris Street:

Located right off Old town square, this street is a dream of every luxury brands lover! Staying true to its name, it offers a wide variety of brands such as Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton and many more.

Charles bridge view in distance

I hope you enjoyed reading my Prague, Czech Republic guide. I am here if you have any questions at all. Also, feel free to let me know in the comments below if you would like to see a detailed day-to-day itinerary for Prague too!

Happy Exploring, 
Charu xx

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  1. Suman

    Such a wonderful guide. I am planning my trip to Prague for later this year, so will definitely save it for later

    1. Charu Goyal

      Thank you so much Suman! Do reach out if you need any other help planning x

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    I have visited Prague such a long time ago that you made me wanna go there again! I love all the cute places you have shared as well as your tips about the best time to visit. Thank you for the info!

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    Never been to the Czech Republic, but its on my list for sure. Prague looks incredible! Great guide 🙂

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    Your photos remind me so much of my trip to Prague 3 years ago. As a food lover, what I regret most was not having enough time to discover the best places to eat in this town. I’ll surely refer to your list of dining places in Prague when I return next time.

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      Aww I hope you can return soon, Fiona. I have eaten my way through Prague on two trips now and I only have good things to say about it 😊

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    Had plans to visit Prague this year,not sure if I can still make it ..but this itenerary is so amazing with beautiful pics

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    Prague is such a beautiful city. It’s been years since I was there and my trip was for the Christmas markets so looked like a very different experience to what’s on your photos. It was cold! I think I’m due a trip back there to really check out more of the city without worrying about frostbite! And you’ve given me some great ideas for when I do return

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      Thank you for your comment, Emma. I can imagine it feeling completely different during that time of the year. If given a chance, I would honestly love to go back for the Christmas markets.

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    This is the perfect bucket list for Prague! I truly fell in love with this city when I visited for the Christmas markets. Your photos are also so beautiful! 🙂

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      Thank you, Taylor. I remember following and loving your trip to Prague so much!

  12. Kriszti

    Prague is such an amazing city, I’ve already been there twice but wouldn’t mind going back this year too! Oh, and your photos are absolutely amazing! 🙂

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      Thank you, Kriszti! And I feel the exact same way about Prague. I have been there twice till now and would love to go back by next year at least!

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    Prague is definitely on my list of places to visit! It looks like such a fun place to explore.

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      I can’t recommend Prague enough, Ashley! I hope you get to go there super soon and love it as much as I do (if not more).

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    Prague is so beautiful! Definitely one of the places I’m planning to visit when we’re able to travel again 🙂

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      So nice to read that, Ivana! And I really hope that we are able to do that soon 🙂

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    What a great post! Thank you for all these tips I hope to get there in the spring when cherry blossoms are blooming next year!

    1. Charu Goyal

      Thank you, Courtney! That would be amazing. I remember seeing many cherry blossoms when I was there last and think that you’re going to love them so much!

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    The dancing house is so cool! 😁 I’ve always wanted to go to Prague. I’ll definitely save this post for when I do!

    1. Charu Goyal

      Yes, I remember how amazed I felt when I saw it from our taxi for the first time! I hope you get to go there soon 💗

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    Loved this Guide Charu! Ive been to Prague many years ago and your beautiful pictures reminded me of how much I loved it!

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      Thank you, Marisa. I love how well travelled you are when it comes to Europe!

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