200 Best Thailand Quotes and Thailand Captions for Instagram

Are you looking for the best Thailand quotes and captions to show off your amazing holiday pictures on Instagram? Or perhaps you are planning to visit Thailand soon and are looking for some unique Thailand quotes for inspiration? If so, you are at the right place! 

From the pristine sand beaches and turquoise waters, to the remarkable Thai Temples, rich culture and exotic nightlife, there is so much to see and do in Thailand. Not to forget, the delicious Thai food and the kindest locals that are ever ready to welcome all travellers to one of Asia’s most renowned tropical paradises.

Whether you are interested in Bangkok captions, Thailand quotes, hilarious Thailand puns, famous Thai proverbs, or inspirational Instagram captions, I have got you covered. In this article, you will find over 200 best quotes and captions related to all things Thailand. Read on to pick the perfect caption for you and start posting!

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Short Thailand Captions for Instagram

Some of the best social media captions are often short and sweet. If you are looking for short and fun Thailand captions to show off your pictures, then these are perfectly apt for you.

1. “Hello from paradise.”

2. “Sawadee ka, Thailand!”

3. “Falling hard for Thailand.”

4. “You had me at Khao Soy.”

5. “Dreaming about Bangkok.”

6. “Another day, another temple.”

7. “Left my heart in Bangkok.”

8. “Thailand made me do it.”

9. “From Bangkok with love.”

10. “Thailand is always a good idea.”

11. “Chilling in Chiang Mai.”

12. “Thailand is always on my mind.”

13. “You had me at Udon.”

14. “Here for the Pad Thai.”

15. “Thailand is my therapy.”

16. “Thailand makes me happy.”

17. “I’d rather be in Phuket.”

18. “Chiang Mai, my, my, my…”

19. “I wish Phuket wasn’t so far away.”

20. “Thailand: I am in love.”

21. “Meet me in Koh Phi Phi.”

22. “Thailand is the place for me.”

23. “Happiness is being in Thailand.”

24. “Tuk-tuking around Thailand.”

25. “Let’s call it the Chiang Mai Charm.”

Best Thailand Travel Captions for Instagram

If you are looking for something particularly travel related, then these Thailand travel captions are some of my favourites. Not only will these accompany your pictures faultlessly, but also give wanderlust to your audience.

26. “Thailand is calling and I must go.”

27. ““Follow your heart,” they said. My heart led me to Bangkok.”

28. “They say ‘do what you love’ so I travelled to Thailand.”

29. “It’s bad manners to keep Thailand waiting.”

30. “I’m all about the palm trees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.”

31. “Good vibes happen on the tides.”

32. “Beach, spa, party – Thailand is the ultimate getaway.”

33. “From the exotic, mysterious land of smiles.”

34. “It feels like we’re in pure paradise.”

35. “Monkeying around on Monkey Beach.”

36. “It’s not a Thai temple unless it’s dripping in gold.”

37. “Relationship status: in love with Thai green curry.”

38. “Golden moments in another blinged out temple.”

39.  “Cue the golden temples and turquoise waters.”

40. “Last seen: sipping on a coconut in Koh Samui.”

41. “What’s not to love about Thailand?”

42. “I wonder if Krabi misses me too.”

43. “Physically at home, mentally on a beach in Thailand.”

44. “Headed to Thailand, be back never.”

45. “I left my heart in Chiang Mai, better go get it.”

46. “Chiang Mai is where Thailand begins.”

47. “All roads lead to the Rose of the North.”

48. “Life is too short. Book that ticket to Thailand.”

49. “Thailand is what paradise must feel like.”

50. “The wats in Thailand are probably the most blinging places I have ever seen.”

51. “We can’t stop thinking about Thailand’s picture-perfect beaches, friendly locals, and tropical atmosphere.”

Short Thailand Quotes for Instagram

Are you interested in short quotes about Thailand instead? If so, here are some of the famous Thailand quotes that make an impression without having to say too much.

52. “Thailand was built on compassion.” – Bhumibol Adulyadej

53. “Thailand stands at a crossroads.” – Thaksin Shinawatra

54. “One of my dreams on my wish list is to spend more time in Thailand.” – Kevin Kwan

55. “I wanted to see Thailand. So I went. And I had a good time.” – F. Murray Abraham

56. “No need for Jesus and the Lord Buddha to fight.” – Carol Hollinger

57. “I’ve enjoyed so many fantastic holidays over the years, but some of my best have been in Thailand.” – Gok Wan

58. “I backpacked around Thailand when I was a university student and have wanted to return ever since.” – Fiona Bruce

59. “The crystal-clear water in Thailand offers the best swimming and snorkelling experience.” – Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

60. “I particularly love the silk in Jakarta, the shoes in Tokyo and the amazing cloth from Thailand and Malaysia.” – Leo Sayer

61. “I’ve been to Indonesia, but I’ve never been to Thailand. I hear the people are lovely, the food is delicious, and that the heat and humidity are lethal.” – Ed Helms

62. “I’d say the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is probably bungee jumping in Thailand.” – Simon Cowell

Inspiring Thailand Quotes for Instagram

If you are in the mood for something that sparks wanderlust for Thailand, then these quotes will make you (and others) book that ticket to one of the most beautiful Asian countries in no time.

63. “I like Thailand, and I love coming to Asia with the whole vibe, food, temperature, and climate.” – Alistair Overeem

64. “Thailand was the transforming experience of my life. Thailand is where I grew up.” – Charles Murray

65. “Once I decided to move to Thailand, it changed all my life and my personality.” – Jasmine Jazz

66. “Thailand was a revelation to me; the landscapes, the culture, the food and the people.”  – Fiona Bruce

67. “Thailand is a really beautiful place, culturally and spiritually. You appreciate it the longer you stay.“ Goldie 

68. “Behind a bend of the Maenam, the entire town of Bangkok appeared in sight. I do not believe there is a sight in the world more magnificent or more striking.” – Ludovic Marquis de Beauvoir

69. “One of Thailand’s strongest selling points is your ability to visit on virtually any budget. Pay 200 USD a night to sleep and dine like a king or queen, or get by on 10 – 15 USD a night at a small hostel. Eat lavish steak dinners or buffets in five-star hotels or some humble noodles from a street stall.” – Chris Backe

Best Quotes about Bangkok

No trip to Thailand is complete without spending a few days in its capital city, Bangkok. If you are looking to describe how wonderful spending some time in Bangkok feels like, then these Bangkok quotes are exactly what you need to convey that feeling.

70. “Bangkok, like Las Vegas, sounds like a place where you make bad decisions.” – Todd Phillips

71. “Perfect is boring and dreams are not real. Just… do. So you think, “I wish I could travel.” Great. Sell your crappy car, buy a ticket to Bangkok, and go. Right now. I’m serious.” –Shonda Rhimes

72. “The first I heard of the beach was in Bangkok, on the Khao San Road.” – Alex Garland

73. “I’d love to visit Thailand just for the street food and the energy of a city like Bangkok.” – Bobby Flay

74. “Getting to places like Bangkok or Singapore was a hell of a sweat. But when you got there it was the back of beyond. It was just a series of small tin sheds.” – David Attenborough

75. “Bangkok, though, is a rejuvenating tonic; the people seem to have found the magic elixir. Life, a visitor feels, has not been wasted on the Thais.” – Bernard Kalb 

76. “Bangkok is also safe. If you see anybody wearing camouflage holding a machete, don’t be scared. They sell coconuts.” – Bobby Lee

77. “The food and the people in Thailand never let you down and Bangkok is an astonishing place – the culture’s lovely and gentle.” – Dave Myers

78. “Bangkok is the queen of 3 a.m., the spiritual home of those hours that are dead in most places of the world but lit up here with a carnival intensity.” – Pico Iyer

79. “What it boils down to is that when you say the word Las Vegas it means something. You could say New York City and it doesn’t really mean anything. When you say a word like Bangkok, in my mind it means something. There’s not a lot of cities where the world literally brings a picture to your mind.” – Todd Phillips

80. “Travel is very subjective. What one person loves, another loathes. I would say a private paradise in the Caribbean. If you want culture and class, I would say Tuscany. If you want exotic, I would say Bangkok, Thailand.” – Robin Leach

81. “How I love Bangkok! It’s so teeming with everything that should be forbidden. I’m not just talking about the sex trade. I also mean the ways of driving, the ways of putting up buildings, environmental management arrangements, the continual attention of con artists and snatch-thieves, and the quaint local custom of peeing in side-streets.” ― John Dolan

82. “Today, Bangkok cuisine can be described as an indigenous Central cuisine with heavy influences from a heady blend of foreign cultures – Chinese, Mon, Persian, Portuguese, modern European, North American, and more – resulting in a beautiful, quirky mix that locals and visitors alike can’t get enough of.” – Leela Punyaratabandhu

83. “As the capital, Bangkok is naturally the first city that comes to mind when people think of Thailand, and as the centre of government, Bangkok does represent the entire country. But culturally and culinarily, the city cannot be considered representative of any other place but itself – not even the Central region of which it is part. In other words, Bangkok is unique and so is its food.” – Leela Punyaratabandhu

Quotes about other places in Thailand

For photos and videos from other places in Thailand such as Phuket and Hua Hin, here are some more quotes to help you make that post on your social media.

84. “I’ve been visiting Thailand for more than 20 years but didn’t fall in love with it until I visited Phuket Town in Phuket. The northern part of Phuket is one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been, and largely unspoilt and unknown.” – Tony Parsons

85. “Hua Hin is Thailand’s royal beach resort and home to the king’s summer palace. The local food is fantastic, the weather is beautiful, everything’s cheap and the Thai people are so friendly and warm.” – Prue Leith

86. “I love Samui in the wee small hours. I especially love it on nights like this when the white moon stares down from the blackness like the pockmarked eye of a blind god. At such times, when the island’s bright signs have paled to grey and the broom of sleep has swept the revellers to their beds, my mind’s cynical crust cracks open a little, and some fanciful poetry leaks in. Then the dark hills appear to me as slumbering prehistoric leviathans, the clouds assume the air of restless ghosts, and the moon-dusted sea murmurs in some long-forgotten tongue of the divine.” – John Dolan

87. “When I was in Thailand, I went into the up-country because Marco Polo didn’t get down into the fleshpots of Bangkok because they didn’t exist in those days.” – Gary Jennings

88. “I went to Phuket already, but would love to go to Chiang Mai one day.” – Roger Federer

89. “The thing to remember about Phuket is it’s very beach-oriented and relaxed. The trendiest beach is Koh Sirey, which is full of groovy places to have a cocktail and watch the sun go down.” – Tony Parsons

Meaningful Quotes about Thailand

For something more thought-provoking, expressive and engaging instead, here are some Thailand quotes that are great conversation starters. Simply copy your favourite and share on your chosen platform for a moving post!

90. “There is a life before and after the voyage, there is a life before and after Thailand.” – Gregg

91. “In essence, the Thai people are not materialistic at all. They’re not in the least driven by the kind of ambition that drives us. The more I got to know them, and the more time I spent with them, the more I understood that this was a totally legitimate attitude to life, and why not?” – John Burdett

92. “Just studying Buddhism, then meditating and going to Buddhist monasteries, talking to Buddhist monks, combined with the Thai people themselves, changed the way I look at the world.” – John Burdett

93. “I discovered that Thailand was one of those countries, like Sri Lanka and India, where the memory of past lives used to be commonplace. Go back a few generations, and you find people talking about earlier lives with total certainty.” – John Burdett

94. “The fact that television and tourism have made the whole world accessible has created the illusion that we enjoy intimate knowledge of other places when we barely scratch their surface. For the vast majority, the knowledge of Thailand or Sri Lanka acquired through tourism consists of little more than the whereabouts of the beach.” – Martin Jacques

95. ““Death,” the pathologist says, “the way a culture views death defines its attitude to life. Forgive me, but sometimes the West gives the impression of being in denial. The Thai attitude is a little different.” What’s so different about Thailand? Oh, it’s not Thailand in particular. The whole of Southeast Asia has the ghost bug – the Malaysians are even worse than us. There are no statistics, of course, but to listen to Thais, you would likely conclude that the undead outnumber the living by a hundred to one.” – John Burdet

Quotes about the Culture and Spirit of Thailand

For something more uplifting and motivational, these quotes about the culture and spirit of Thailand are worth sharing.

96. “Having never taken a decent holiday before, I decided on a trip to Thailand, booked a flight and flew out the following week. Mate, I loved it. The friendly people, the food, the females!” – Simon Palmer

97. “The really nice thing about the town of Hua Hin – and Thailand generally – is that it’s so safe. You can walk around the night market, for example, with complete confidence.” – Prue Leith

98. “Thailand was never a European colony, so even though the city is very Western on the surface, deep down it’s very Asian. It’s quite enigmatic, and I like that. I can’t get to the bottom of Bangkok, and I never will.” – Lawrence Osborne

99. “I’ve always had an interest in Muay Thai fighting. I love the discipline and toughness of it, so I travelled to Thailand to easy ways to incorporate it into my style.” – Rusev

100. “Overall, I think Thailand is quite accepting of transgender and homosexual people. I think this acceptance is largely due to a combination of surgically enhanced or hormonally induced beauty, higher levels of education and the ladyboy reputation as being emblematic of Thailand. Many ladyboys represent Thailand in international contests for transgender beauty pageants and we’re usually amongst the top finalists.” – Pornchai Sereemongkonpol

101. “Despite the fact that the majority of Thais are devoted to the teachings of Theravada Buddhism, vegetarian practice is rare. Even the Theravada Buddhist monks may be unable to follow a vegetarian diet, since they vow to live simply, subsisting on whatever the people provide for them.” – Nancie McDermott

102. “Meandering cows, tenacious bicyclers, belching taxis, rickshaws, fearless pedestrians, and the occasional mobile ‘cigarette and sweets’ stand all fought our taxi for room on the narrow two-lane road turned local byway.” – Jennifer S. Alderson

103. “The attractions of Thailand for me are the shops and the colorful street markets. There are loads of bargains and it’s a dream destination for shopaholics like myself.“ – Gok Wan

104. “Everyone’s so nice in Thailand, and it’s a beautiful place – the temples, the culture. But everyone’s so nice that it’s almost inefficient.” – Scot Armstrong

Best Instagram Captions for Thai Food

The iconic landmarks of Thailand are second only to its scrumptious food. If you are a foodie with heaps of Thai food pictures to post, then these short yet fun Thai food captions are exactly what you are looking for.

105. “It’s not gluttony if it’s Thai food.”

106. “Never miss a Thai food feast.”

107. “I start and end my day with Khao Pad.”

108. “Rice, when fried, is a Thai masterpiece.”

109. “The taste of Thai Curry is as rich as its culture.”

110. “You know it’s good when it’s Thai food.”

111. “Just a little bit of everything Thai.”

112. “You gotta roll with the spring roll.”

113. “Som Tam is the best way to enjoy papaya.” 

114. “Boost your appetite with a bite of Som Tam.”

115. “I could never cut ties with my love for Panang Curry.”

116. “I crave Thai curry like it’s the only dish in the world.”

117. “I’m here because I was told there would be Pad Thai.” 

118. “The first slurp of Pad Thai noodles will always be unforgettable.”

119. “Khao Pad knows which spot to hit to satisfy you when you’re hungry.”

120. “The taste of Thai food lingers in your mouth like it’s my homeland. I’m not even Thai!”

Best Quotes about Thai Food

For something more detailed, these quotes about Thai food will definitely leave anyone feeling hungry. 

121. “If Thailand is one of the best countries to eat in, in Chiang Mai, it’s a particularly good city to find yourself hungry.” – Anthony Bourdain

122. “Pain is temporary but Pad Thai is forever.” —Anonymous

123. “Oh my god! In Thailand, they’ve got the spiciest food I’ve ever had in my life!” – Nick Carter

124. “I have smuggled so many ingredients across so many borders, like shallot confit from Thailand.” – Blake Lively

125. “The first thing I do whenever I go to Thailand is to seek out the closest restaurant or stall selling mango-and-sticky rice: it’s a little hillock of glutinous rice drenched in lashings of coconut milk and served with fresh mango.” – Hanya Yanagihara

126. “I landed in 1980 in Bangkok, and I stopped to eat ten times between the airport and the hotel. It was all lemongrass and ginger and chillies.” – Jean-Georges Vongerichten

127. “Food is almost certainly the best way to learn about Thailand. I was both overwhelmed by and obsessed with Thailand’s a cuisine, but I also found the food a way to improve my language skills, meet people, and learn about the culture.” – Austin Bush

128. “There is so much more vegetable use in Thailand, India and China than meat. Yes, when you go to the markets or buy street food, you see shrimp or chicken – but mostly vegetables.” – Jean-Georges Vongerichten

129. “Street stalls, be they in Korea, Thailand or anywhere else in Asia, in a covered market or simply on a street corner with a few brightly coloured plastic stools and tables, are my favourite places in the world to eat.” – John Torode

130. “I know I’m back in Thailand. Not just Thailand, but Northern Thailand. Once known as the kingdom of a million rice fields, it’s a fertile, green and gorgeous area, home of the ancient Latta people. Welcome to Chiang Mai Province, tucked up near the borders of Burma, China, Laos, India not too far away. All of them have left their mark on the food.” – Anthony Bourdain 

131. “I love the food in Thailand because of the exotic spices they use. Their style of cooking is unique to their culture and always amazing.” – Venus Williams

132. “Thailand’s seafood industry is the third-largest in the world. And much of it is ending up on our dinner tables.” – Lourdes Garcia-Navarro

133. “Food makes travel so exceptional because you get to taste what it’s actually supposed to taste like. To eat the real Pad Thai or finally have a proper curry is something pretty amazing.” – Meghan Markle

134. “I’m a bit of a gourmet chef. I love cooking mostly – Thai Food.” – Will Ferrel

Best Thai Food Puns for Instagram

If puns are more of your thing, then I have got you covered too. Any of these funny one-liners about Thai food will make for a catchy and likeable social media caption.

135. “Not with a Panang but with a whimper.”

136. “Keep calm and curry on.”

137. “Yeah, you got that Tom Yum-my yum.”

138. “Monkey Pad See, Monkey Ew.”

139. “It sure is rice to be here!”

140. “Rice and shine!”

141. “Curry on my wayward son.”

142. “It’s so easy it’s a piece of banana pancake.”

143. “Banana roti cream pie.”

144. “The Mamas and the Papayas.”

145. “It just fell into my laap.”

146. “We ate a delicious dinner and then stayed up to watch the sun-rice.”

147. “This is the best Thai food I’ve ever pad.”

148. “Once Udon a time.”

149. “Kiss my glass noodles.”

150. “In Thailand, I love a Khao Soi latte.”

151. “I’m coconuts for Thailand.”

152. “The best Thai gameshow is The Family Gang Jued.

153. “Bangkok, I a-durian you!”

Funny Puns about Places in Thailand

If you are looking for puns about places in Thailand instead, then these cover everything from the Railay Beach in Krabi to the city of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand.

154. “It’s raining Kata-s and dogs.”

155. “Let’s have a Railay race.”

156. “Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the Khao san road.”

157. “Phuket, we’ll do it live.”

158. “Don’t be Krabi!”

159. “Thailand is Railay nice.”

160. “That’s Railay nice.”

161. “Chitty, chitty Bangkok.”

162. “I think, therefore Siam.”

163. “Phuket, we’re going to Thailand!”

164. “Pattaya cake.”

165. “Having a Railay good time in Thailand.”

166. “Dear Krabi, I think I Railay like you.”

167. “You’re a Chiang Rai of light.”

168. “Just ad-Maya-ring this beautiful beach.”

More Hilarious Thailand Puns for Instagram

And since we all love puns to a great extent, here are some more funny puns about Thailand for you. These would work well with all your pictures from the temples to the beaches.

169. “Fish you were here!”

170. “If you don’t love swimming puns you must be a fan of dry humour.”

171. “Seas and greetings.”

172. “Whale, hello there!”

173. “Fine and sandy.”

174. “Seas the day.”

175. “Having a great Thai-m in Bangkok.”

176. “Feeling Fin-tastic!”

177. “Thai-m for paradise.”

178. “I’m tongue Thai’d.”

179. “Koh my god!”

180. “What a Thai-m to be alive!”

181. “Thai and stop me.”

182. “Eye of the Thai-ger.”

183. “You won’t be Thai Thai.”

184. “Thai Tanic.”

185. “Wat an amazing Temple!”

186. “Hold me Thai-ter.”

187. “Having the Thai-m of my life!”

188. “Come and tuk-tuk me into bed.”

189. “Why is it a bad idea for Bangkok to host the Olympics? Because all events will end with Thais.”

190. “Why did the couple go to Bangkok? They wanted to Thai the knot!”

191. “If two kids from Bangkok enter a race, who would win? Nobody, it’s a Thai.”

Famous Thai Sayings and Proverbs

Last but not the least, here are some famous Thai sayings and proverbs that can also make for an inspiring caption.

192. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Thai proverb

193. “Khwaam-sùk mâi châi khǎawng sǎm-rèt rûup dtàae maa jàak gaan grà-tham khǎawng rao eeng.” – “Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.”

194. “Mâi mii thaang jà khâam má-hǎa-sà-mùt dâi hàak yang mâi glâa phaaw jà àawk bpai glai jon mâi hěn fang.” – “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

195. “Wee-laa thîi màw thîi sùt thîi jà bplùuk dtôn-mái sàk dtôn khuue mûuea yîi-sìp bpii gàawn láe wee-laa thîi màw raawng long maa gâw khuue dtaawn níi.” – “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

196. “Sìng dai thîi jai má-nút sǎa-mâat khít láe chûuea dâi gâw yâawm tham hâi bpen jing dâi chên gan.” – “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

197. “Thîi thîi khuuan khâa gàae gaan bpai nán mâi mii thaang lát.” – “There are no short cuts to any place worth going.” 

198. “Hàak mâi laawng ying gâw thâo gàp phlâat bpâo ráauy bpooe-sen.” – “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

199. “Thîi an-dtà-raai thîi sùt sǎm-ràp rao sùuan mâak mâi châi bpâo-mǎai thîi sǔung gooen bpai jon ûueam mâi thǔeng dtàae bpen bpâo-mǎai thîi dtàm gooen bpai láaeo rao ûueam thǔeng dtàang-hàak.” – “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that is it too low and we reach it.”

200. “Dooen cháa khâae nǎi mâi bpen rai dtràap dai thîi mâi yùt dooen.” – “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap on the best Thailand quotes and Thailand captions from me! I hope you liked reading this post and found some useful captions for your next social media post from Thailand.  

If I missed your favourite Thailand quote or you simply happen to know some more that you would like me to add to this list, then please leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram. I always love hearing from you!

Happy Posting,
Charu xx

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