Jaipur Photo Tour

Have you ever looked at my Instagram profile and wished for dreamy Jaipur photos too? Are you visiting Jaipur soon and want to capture picture perfect shots without having to awkwardly ask random strangers for a favour? Or, perhaps you are going to travel solo in Jaipur and are just worried about how you will take photos with a strict no tripods policy in most touristic places. Well, worry not!

Ganesh Pol, a must see in Amber Fort Jaipur

As a travel blogger and Instagrammer myself, trust me when I say that I have been there. I have spent days researching locations only to later find out that tripods aren’t allowed. I have begged strangers to click photos of me only to later see that I am half cropped in all of them. I have excitedly visited foreign locations only to later realise that no one knows the directions to that exact spot I found on Instagram the day before.

Having lived in Jaipur for most of my life, I think its safe to say that I know the city in and out. I have even visited all the touristic spots here gazillion times to find new angles, hidden gems and the best lighting. And apart from sharing all my information in my Jaipur blog before, I am excited to finally introduce my private JAIPUR PHOTO TOUR.

Front view of Amber fort's entrance.
A cenotaph surrounded by pigeons outside Amber Fort in Jaipur

What to expect from this Jaipur Photo Tour?

A customised photography experience of Jaipur that is developed according to you. Along with making an ideal itinerary for you, I will personally go with you to all the places and click as many pictures as you want.

YOU decide where we go first and how much time we spend in each place. Unlike conventional tours, I understand that it is your holiday and thus, should be enjoyed how you like it, not how it’s convenient for me.

All tours are 100% private meaning I’ll only be clicking your photos. You won’t have to share your valuable vacation time waiting for others in your group to get their pictures clicked first.

Because of the customised nature of the tour, a price will be quoted to you once you let me know your requirements. 

Interested? Just fill in a form and I will get in touch at the earliest. 

*Please note that I am only looking to do one tour a week, so don’t forget to reserve your spot ASAP!