10+ Apps To Create Beautiful Instagram Stories

From sharing behind the scenes to daily life updates, Instagram stories are that one tool which will help bring your personality across. Honestly speaking, there is no other feature that can connect you to your audience in a way that Instagram stories do.

Since nowadays, almost everyone is “on the gram” sharing content or discovering it, it has become absolutely vital to stay on top of your game and provide value to your audience. Even though there are various filters and fonts provided by Instagram itself, I personally prefer using third party apps to fuel my creativity and differentiate my stories from the masses.

These applications don’t just give birth to the creative in you, but also make your stories look unique and more appealing. I usually use at least one of these apps on every story that I post and since my DMs are always flooded with you guys wanting to know more about them, I thought I would share all my tricks of the trade with you.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using any of those links, I may get a small commission. Thank you for your continued support!


Probably the app that I have used the most and still get asked about till this day. Unfold has gained immense popularity in the last year because of its nearly perfect templates that can be used for both photos and videos. From classics to film frames and everything in between, Unfold helps you achieve your desired look with its many freemium template packs.

RP1 (Ripped Paper look) is my favourite collection on Unfold and is totally worth every cent.

Unfold is available for both iOS and Android.


If visually appealing Pinterest pins and aesthetic Instagram Highlight covers are what you are looking for, then Canva is the app for you. You can do all of that and more, without having any prior knowledge of graphic design whatsoever.

My Pinterest pins (for blogposts) and Instagram highlight covers are made using Canva too.

Canva is available for both iOS and Android. And, can be used on your desktops too.


Mojo Video is my favourite app for all things animated. Whether you are interested in informing your audience about your latest post or just feel like having a long chat with them, Mojo’s animated layouts help you by bringing those basic stories to life.

It is a freemium app with a huge variety of free templates too. I personally use the free version and think that it is quite sufficient as you can basically customise the layout of any curated template and have nearly limitless options.

Unfortunately, Mojo video is only available for iOS at the moment but if I come across anything that is vaguely similar to this then I will make sure to update my android fam!


 If fun borders and templates are more of your thing, then you are going to love Storyart as much as I do! It is one of those rare apps whose mere free version is enough to spoil you with a variety of options.

I am a big fan of all the free seasonal templates (such as White Christmas, Spring Festival, Summer and more) that Storyart keeps on adding from time to time.

Storyart is available for both iOS and Android.


Have you ever faced a problem while trying to upload a video that is longer than 15 seconds on Instagram stories? Ever wanted to cut it into smaller videos with nothing but just a tap? Or, ever felt like adding background music without having to download it on your phone? If yes, then Cut Story is the app you are looking for!

Not just Instagram, it can even trim your videos to fit guidelines of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and more.

Not gonna lie, it does ask you to pay to hide its watermark but then, you can always save your cents by adding a location tag on top of the watermark before posting it on your stories. Trust me, it woks every single time!

Cut Story is available for iOS only but word on the web is that Story trimmer does the same job for Android users.


This is my go to app for when I feel like being a bit extra with fonts. There are a decent number of free fonts available on Word Swag and if my Instagram stories are a testament to anything then, it is to my love for them.

Sadly, it only lets you customise photos and not videos. But who’s complaining about an app that already does so much for us? Not me.

Word Swag is available for both iOS and Android.

An example of a story made using Word Swag.


Hype Type is another app that you can use to add text and music to your stories. My favourite thing about it is that you lets you customise both photos and videos. 

It is super quick to choose from a variety of text animations, fonts and colours that are available on Hype Type. All you have to do is select what you like, count till two and watch the magic happen. Thanks to apps like these, we don’t ever have to worry about spending hours on creating interactive stories again.

Hype Type is available for iOS only, but there is a similar app called Hype Text for both Android and iOS users.


Storyluxe is like Unfold but only better. It offers a lot of free templates and isn’t as widely known yet. From collages to florals to neon to polaroid, the options are more than you can possibly ask for. I would recommend everyone to use it whilst it’s still on the less-popular side of things.

StoryLuxe is available for iOS only.


It is a graphic design collage creator app that also lets you instantly resize images to fit your stories. With various typography styles, one tap layouts, thousands of filters and what not, Adobe spark post is definitely an app for anyone who is looking to create beautiful stories

Adobe Spark Post is available for both iOS and Android users. It even has a desktop version.

10. OVER

Over is another app that you can use to add graphics to your stories. In addition to all the free templates that are available, you can also create your own templates from scratch in just a few minutes. Inspirational quotes, Mood Boards, Q&A Templates are just a few things that I like creating with the help of Over.

Over is available for both iOS and Android.


If you are looking for something on the creative side of things, then Nichi is the app for you. I am literally obsessed with Nichi because of how different and fun all its templates are. My favourite features of this app are its multiple clip arts, images and tapes that are free to use.

Nichi is available only for iOS.

I hope you liked reading this blogpost about my all time favourite 10+ apps to create beautiful Instagram stories! I would really love seeing your story creations with these apps, so don’t forget to tag me in them!

Happy Creating, 
Charu xx

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  1. Kartik

    Thank you for sharing this. I have been looking at your stories for a while now and always wondered how you made those. Can’t wait to try some of these apps.

    1. Charu Goyal

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy using these apps as much as I do. Also, feel free to DM me on IG if you ever have any questions about the apps I use 😊

  2. Taylor Deer

    This is such a great post Charu! Definitely just downloaded a bunch of new apps that you mention above! 🙂 Also loving your new website!

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      Thank you so much Taylor! I really adore your website too!
      Hope you have fun using these apps girly 💓

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    Really useful list!! This will definitely be an upgrade from just using Instagram’s own text styles haha

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      Thank you Divesh. I am glad to know that you found my list useful!
      Don’t forget to keep an eye out for posts about other must have apps super soon.

  4. Ophelie

    So many cool apps! I just download a few of them that I didn’t have. Thanks a lot for sharing Charu!

    1. Charu Goyal

      Yay, so happy to read that Ophelie! I hope you have fun creating with the apps that you downloaded 😊

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