Staying At Villa Inle Boutique Resort In Inle Lake

Situated amidst the scenic surroundings of Myanmar’s natural and unpolluted Inle Lake, Villa Inle Boutique Resort offers relaxation and luxury like no other. Home to 21 Lake-view and 6 Garden-view villas that are made using natural materials, you are destined to feel close to nature regardless of which one you choose to stay in.

From casually laying by the 20-metre infinity pool, to learning about organic farming and dining in their floating island; there’s anything but a lack of things to do at this eco-friendly resort in Inle Lake. I, for one, even loved watching the fishermen glide by on the lake as flocks of birds took off from the neighbouring treetops throughout the day (all from the comfort of my own bed, might I add). 

Having stayed in many luxury hotels and resorts around the world, I have to tell you that there are very few experiences that can make one feel this content. It truly is one of those special places where no amount of time will ever feel enough and that I think, is a bliss in its own way.

Disclaimer: I was kindly hosted by Villa Inle Boutique Resort for a two-night stay, but as always, all opinions stated here are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

Arriving at Villa Inle Boutique Resort

As our taxi entered the Maing Thouk village area where most luxury resorts in Inle Lake are located, one could already notice the ear to ear grin on my face while admiring the surreal landscape that Villa Inle Boutique Resort is situated amidst. With blooming sunflower fields and majestic Shan Hills on one side of the road and an unbeatable lake view on the other; you can bet that I was excited like a three-year-old visiting a theme park for the first time.

Between a member of staff opening the front gate to welcome us and another taking us down to the reception in an adorable golf cart, I was filled with an overwhelming emotion of how incredible our stay here was going to be. You see, while I had expected the resort to be very verdant and luxurious, I didn’t prepare myself for it to have such rejuvenating views everywhere I looked. 

CG’s tip: If you are planning to arrive in Inle Lake by a flight, then you can easily hail a cab from Heho airport and reach Villa Inle Boutique Resort in around one hour. And, if you are coming via a bus or are in Nyaung Shwe town already, then you can either book a taxi or a boat, both of which will drop you directly at the resort in around 30 and 45 minutes respectively.

Checking in and First Impressions

Greeted with a fresh juice and a cold towel upon arrival, I received the warmest welcome at one of the most beautiful receptions of all time. The view from the seating area around the front desk was so serene that I almost forgot to fill in the check in form and got busy dreaming instead. In other words, it really is one of those special spots where I could sit endlessly and never get bored.

After taking my time completing the check-in formalities (aka enjoying the reception view), we were escorted to our villa and it was on the way that I realised how eco-friendly Villa Inle Boutique Resort is. From an in house organic garden to a wonderful attempt of preserving trees by building only a limited number of villas; the more I learnt about the resort, the more inspired I felt by it.

Passing by Villa Inle’s multi-cuisine restaurant, infinity pool and many other incredible viewpoints; I also got my very first glimpse at the picturesque line of charming wooden villas perched up alongside Inle Lake. Knowing that one of these was going to be my home for the next two nights, I couldn’t wait any longer to uncover what was laid inside.

Our Room at Villa Inle Boutique Resort

As I climbed a flight of wooden stairs and entered my very own Lake side villa, I was instantly amazed looking at how spacious and lavish it felt like in person. Adorned with local handicrafts and Burmese trinkets, every single detail in the room looked like it was curated to perfection. Thoughtful additions like mosquito repellent, traditional parasols, sweaters (for when it gets cold at night), a complimentary mini bar and organic fresh fruits made it all the more distinctive too.

From high wooden ceilings to a canopy covered king-sized bed, plenty of seating areas to a desk overlooking the lake; I loved how it seamlessly brought modern amenities and the essence of Inle Lake together. Being a lover of grand bathrooms, I couldn’t help but appreciate the luxurious bathtub, walk in shower, his and her sinks and a separate toilet as well.

But, what made staying at this villa so special (for me) wasn’t any of this. Consisting of a private balcony overlooking the Lake, I am yet to find a better spot to watch the sun go down in Inle Lake. The fact that I could even enjoy such prestigious views from the comfort of my own bed truly made Villa Inle Boutique Resort a luxury getaway that I cannot recommend enough.

Dining at Villa Inle Boutique Resort

Having had all my breakfasts and dinners at the resort itself, I was a happy vegetarian with all the variety at Villa Inle’s multi cuisine restaurant. Serving a perfect blend of western, Asian and Inle Lake specialities cooked using home-grown produce, there is something to satisfy every taste bud here. I personally found the signature vegetarian meal and organic vegetable selections to be extremely delicious.

Being a fan of breakfast buffets, I was also pleased to see fresh fruits that were cut to order, hot food stations and a long-tailed boat creatively used as a buffet table right in the middle of the restaurant. The staff at Villa Inle Boutique Resort really took the best care of us as they even prepared breakfast to go for us for when we had to leave for a sunrise boat tour one morning.

During one of the nights that we were there, I also saw the staff decorate a beautiful set up with parasols, candles and lights across the bridge making the decorated platform look like an island from afar. Upon asking the general manager, I was informed that this is the resort’s special island dinner experience that guests can book when staying here. I cannot tell you how badly I wished I had known that before, but if you are going to be in Inle Lake for a special occasion then you would definitely want to look into it.

Resort Facilities

Other than the 27 wooden villas, a multi cuisine restaurant and an organic garden; Villa Inle Boutique resort also has an infinity pool and a luxury spa. With a majestic view of Shan Hills mountain range on one side and the tranquil Inle Lake on the other, there truly is no better place to unwind and take in these unique surroundings.

Featuring five treatment rooms, the environmentally friendly Lotus Spa actually feels like a necessity after a long day of exploring Inle Lake by boat. Their traditional pure royal Shan massage designed “to focus on energy lines to achieve wellness” sounded so nice that I still regret not having enough time for it.

Other amenities at Villa Inle include Maing Thauk trekking, a traditional cooking class, private sightseeing tours and a floating Inle Lake dinner (my personal favourite!). Being into organic farming, I also enjoyed doing a tour of their organic garden to see the kind of vegetables that they grow.

Things I loved the most about staying here

Apart from their water refill stations, organic food and preservation of the trees, I also love how I didn’t even come across a single piece of plastic throughout my stay at Villa Inle Boutique Resort. From toiletries to takeaways to glass water bottles, I wish more properties thought about sustainable alternatives as well.

There was also something about the limited number of villas, the location or the idyllic surroundings in general that gave me a sense of peace at Villa Inle Boutique Resort. Even after being fully booked every night, I was really surprised to somehow feel like the entire resort was booked just for us.

What I also loved was that the resort has its own port so guests can be picked up for boat tours directly from the hotel itself. Not sure about you, but I really don’t think it gets any better than this.

Final Thoughts

Staying at Villa Inle Boutique resort has been one of my most memorable experiences in Myanmar and I really hope you liked reading about it. As always, I am looking forward to hear what you thought about it in the comments section below.

Until next time,
Charu xx

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  1. Emma

    This place looks amazing. I adore eco-friendly places so I’m defintiley adding this to my list for when I go to Myanmar!

    1. Charu Goyal

      Me too Emma! I absolutely love when hotels willingly take extra steps to be sustainable 💗

  2. Jen

    Your photos are amazing 😍 I’d definitely love to stay here someday, hopefully soon!

    1. Charu Goyal

      Thank you Jen! I really hope that you get to go here soon 💗

  3. Richa

    This place looks like a dream with so much natural beauty around it. And you sold me on how eco-friendly this place is, it’s so hard to find hotels that do not use plastics 🙂

    1. Charu Goyal

      It really is, I didn’t feel like going out to explore because the resort itself had such beautiful views. Along with being eco-friendly, they are so thoughtful with mosquito repellents, sweaters and complimentary mini bars in the room. I honestly cannot recommend staying here enough 😊

  4. Ophelie

    I really enjoyed my stay here with you! Wonderful memories!

    1. Charu Goyal

      Me too Ophelie! It was so nice to explore Myanmar together.

  5. Suman

    This sounds so nice. I love how they thought of providing sweaters and mosquito repellents in the room- little things like that go such a long way. Thank you for introducing me to this, I am definitely going to try staying here in the future.

    1. Charu Goyal

      Thank you so much! I agree that it was very thoughtful of them to do that. Inle Lake gets really cold at night, so we definitely felt thankful for the sweaters to sleep in. They were made with such soft material that I didn’t even feel like taking mine off during the day haha!

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